As of late 2013 there will be no further updates to this site.

But great things are happening, so head over to for the latest news.

I decided to leave this site up as it has been an important part of the journey so far. Maybe some day I will turn it into a blog about my personal entrepreneurial journey. But for now, it just helps tell part of the story of how Listium got started.

Do you know someone who writes great code, is fun to work with, loves startups, and might be interested in joining a small team in Melbourne to build something really cool?

I’m putting together a team to build a web and mobile app in the productivity space. It will be flexible, simple and beautiful.

We have a strong idea and wireframes (that people love), several growth options, a strong business model and funding.

We’ll have fun and make a bit of a name for ourselves. We’ll do good work and with a bit of luck we might even make a dollar or two.

I strongly believe that the decisions about your co-founders and first employees are the most important decisions you can make in a startup, so I want to get this right.

For this reason I am offering a bounty of $2,000 to anyone that recommends someone who ends up joining the team. If it takes you 10 minutes to fill in the form that’s an hourly rate of $12,000! (We’ve got plenty to offer to the right person or people now. No need for bribes any longer!)

If you have someone in mind, or you have some interest yourself, keep reading. If you’d like to get in touch you can find details in the Contact section.

If you don’t have anyone in mind but still want to help, or you just like what I’m doing, you could help spread the word with a quick .

Update: This site recently received some nice coverage on Anthill!

Update 2: More coverage, this time from StartupSmart.

Update 3: The immediate focus is was on finding an extremely talented front-end developer. (We found one!).

Update 4: We have announced our name and have put up a pre-launch website –

Update 5: LATEST NEWS – Work is under way! We have a couple of very talented developers making some great progress. We’re just a few short weeks into the journey, but the vision is already coming to life. We’re still looking for great developers, as well as starting discussions with designers. If this is you, get in touch!

This is going to be fun!